​​Give them the world.

Does this fit with Common Core?

Absolutely!  A strong foundation in geography enhances the Common Core Standards.  The Passport Club provides important background knowledge that makes understanding the variety of text types suggested by the ELA Standards more meaningful.  When students participate in The Passport Club, teachers are able to make geographic connections to authors, folktales, legends, myths, stories from around the world, biographies, books about history, and the arts. Students benefit from a global perspective, which helps them more fully understand and appreciate both informational and literary reading.​  

"The K-5 standards strongly recommend that texts - both within and across grades -   be selected to support students in systematically developing knowledge about the world."  

 Source:  Preparing America's Students for Success   www.corestandards.org

​​​"As a parent, I feel it is very important for my child to be aware of the world around him.  The Passport Club is an excellent way for him to learn about all of the other countries in our world.  As a volunteer tester, my knowledge of geography has also expanded.  Now when we hear news of current events, we can relate on a more personal level to the location of the country involved, and perhaps even more importantly, to its people.”

Stephanie, Parent Volunteer


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Since the 1950s, the number of countries in the world has almost doubled, and our connections to people and places has increased at an astonishing rate.  However, many schools currently use outdated geographic material and fall short of preparing students for the integrated world in which we live.  The Passport Club is an individualized, sequential, geography enrichment program for elementary students that is cost effective and provides updated materials for classrooms.  Its main purpose is to help students learn some, or all, of the world’s countries over the course of a school year and instill the curiosity to learn more about our fascinating world. It meets essential academic learning requirements for elementary social studies and has built-in differentiation for students. Finally, it promotes strong parent and community involvement in the school!

The 21st century will be known for connecting more people and places than any time in history. Give your students the ability to navigate a complex and more interconnected world with a foundation in geography!

geography enrichment PROGRAM 

for elementary schools