​​Planting seeds of global literacy.

Learning the names and locations of the world's countries is an important starting point for building an understanding of the world.  The Passport Club provides students with updated maps, globes and other materials that reflect changing political borders. Teachers will also find resources to explore each country in greater depth. 


Source:  National Geographic Society

Baby Boomers may have been asked to locate Yugoslavia, while today, for the same location, students must find Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today's youth must develop their geographic literacy in order to navigate the global economy and tackle the issues of the 21st century.  


Kids love geography! It's relevant, inspires curiosity and motivates students to LEARN! Educators understand the value of geographic literacy but the emphasis on testing in science, reading and math has limited the amount of time teachers have to devote to geography. The Passport Club is a fun and easy way to improve your students' global competency without demanding a lot of time of the teacher. ​An understanding of geography at the elementary level provides a solid foundation for understanding the places and people with whom they will be competing and collaborating in the future. 

Why geography?