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Find great ideas specific to the countries students are studying each month by viewing past newsletters.  

Get your students "scooting" around the classroom, and the world, with this fun activity!

Try this free sample of a May Level 2 Scoot and give us your feedback!  We plan on

providing a comprehensive package for purchase that would include activities for

Levels 1-5, September-May.

Editable templates and form letters

We've created many of the letters you need to run the program, including a call for volunteers and letters to parents.  Many of the forms are created in Google Docs so you can customize them if you choose.   All you have to do is choose File-Make a Copy and you can edit the document to suit your needs.

Students, teachers and parents can access the student study maps online using the password provided by The Passport Club coordinator.  Great for zooming in on smaller countries and if a student loses his or her map!

Inspirational VIDEOs

These short videos are great for motivating kids to learn more about the countries they are studying!  Find more on Pinterest!

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Students can explore the world, and earn Special Itinerary stamps, through independent study projects.  Teachers will find lots of activities on our Independent Study page or they can develop their own assignments for students to complete.  Find more project ideas here.

Geography is more than memorizing names on a map. It is about learning the physical and human features that make each area unique and discovering the connections between people and places. Students will be more excited, and retention will increase, if they have context for the locations they are studying. The Passport Club offers resources that can be used in the classroom or given to motivated students to investigate on their own. Check back frequently as this website, along with our Facebook and Pinterest sites are continually being updated with more inspirational ideas!​​


Nurturing curiosity of the world is one of the main objectives of The Passport Club. Mystery Places are simple, quick activities that pique students' curiosity about the places they will be studying. Teachers should encourage students to ask questions about the photo and guess where it is located. The next slide shows the answer to the question and a link to more information. Kids may create their own Mystery Place by using this Special Itinerary Project to earn a special stamp for their passport!

Introduce the Level 1 countries each month by using our Prezi presentations!  Teachers may use these in any way they choose by many teachers will have students 

guess the countries as they present to them.  This addresses students' prior knowledge, as they use their "mental maps" and clues in the photos to make their guesses.  Find a Prezi presentation for each month here.


​​Planting seeds of global literacy.

The locations of countries on the map are the ABC's of global literacy. Purposefully incorporating picture books from around the world is a simple and effective strategy to deepen students' connections to people and places. This list highlights some of the excellent literature available to make the countries students are studying each month come alive. Plus, who doesn't love a great book?! Check out The Passport Club Pinterest boards for even more monthly resources.