​​Planting seeds of global literacy.

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 ​​​April PREZI 


The Prezi presentations provided here are used to introduce the students to the Level 1 countries at the beginning of each month. A "Prezi" is a presentation format that allows for a bit more animation than a PowerPoint and can be accessed through prezi.com. From there you may copy the presentations and use them as templates to create your own!

You are free to use these presentations as you choose, but we have provided suggested guidelines below:

1. Use the Prezi to introduce the countries to the students at the beginning of each month.

2. "Click" the arrows at the bottom of the screen to advance the slides. Students are shown several pictures of each region and encouraged to guess the continent or country these pictures represent.

​3. Discuss the clues found within each picture. Feel free to allow students to elaborate on their knowledge of the geography of the places being studied.

4. Click the arrow to zoom in towards the continent or country.

5. Click again to move on to the next region.

*NOTE: You may need to wait for the presentations to load since they contain many photos/large file sizes.